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yoga moves ~ half moon pose

Half Moon Pose (Arda Chandrasana)

Half moon pose is another great standing balance pose (are you seeing a theme here)? It helps to strengthen the ankles and thighs. Both Lisa and I use a block  prop to help us reach the ground. Using props in yoga is a great way to gently train your body to reach or achieve the full expression of a pose. Using props should not be considered cheating, or a negative reflection of your ability. Do yourself a favor and buy some blocks, they will help you align properly and when you are aligned properly you receive the full benefits of the pose. Some other great props to invest in are belts or straps, a bolster and a yoga blanket. I was recently in Chicago (a new food for the soul post is coming soon) and had the pleasure of using a rope wall for body alignment. The studio – Yoga Among Friends – is in Downers Grove, Il. I enjoyed lots of great Inyengar practice while I was there. Love, loved, loved the studio, and I can’t wait to go back.

Its easy to see where I need to place my focus when doing this pose by comparing my photo below to Lisa’s photo above.  My extended leg and upward reaching arm both need to be more active – stretching, rotating etc… The extended leg should be reaching and my foot should be fully engaged in a flexed position. My arm also needs to be reaching upward with my fingers bright and spread apart. It’s always great to have something to work toward! Let me know how your yoga practice is going.  ~ nameste, catherine

yoga moves ~ triangle pose

For March’s yoga moves, Lisa Johnson of Energies Balanced makes this pose look easy. Lisa’s torso is active, moving upwards and sideways. It is not collapsing down on itself. Her arm is energetic and reaching skyward while she looks up at her hand. Her legs are straight and pushing down.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

In this photo I am using a block as a prop for my right hand to help me reach the ground. This prop helps my right side from collapsing. You can see between the photos of  Lisa and I that areas for me to to work on are extending my left arm, and torso.

A great way to understand your own body mechanics is to ask someone to take photos of you in different yoga poses, as we have done here, and compare them to the images of Lisa on this blog, or other yoga publications.

Either practice this pose by itself each day this month, or add it to a continued practice of down dog.