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For all the recipes found on this blog I suggest using fresh, organic and locally grown products. I even purchase organic herbs and spices when available. If you’ve ever grown basil or oregano in a pot, I’m sure you can remember how tender and fragile their leaves are. How quickly they spring back to attention when given a little water when thirsty. Just thinking of their quick response it is easy to extrapolate how an application of chemicals can easily be absorbed into their cells. I am not a biochemist, nor an activist. I just believe that if I have a choice about what I put into my body – the choice is fresh, whole organic food.


You’ll note that in some of the recipes the word organic follows a few ingredients. This indicates when I think choosing organic makes a significant difference. The difference may be in taste, or the ingredient is particularly susceptible to pesticides or other chemicals. If you can buy organic only occasionally, then make it these ingredients. Keep reading this blog and I hope your “organic list” will grow.

Fresh Fish

When shopping for food I follow author and healthy food advocate Michael Polan’s Food Rules. He makes very clear succinct suggestions about food choices that I find brilliant in their truth and simplicity. If you haven’t read Food Rules do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Following his ideas makes eating healthy much easier than you think.


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