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I am back. I have been away from this blog awhile and a lot of new things have happened. I am still a devoted foodie who now lives in Chicago, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the food cultures of this city. Just this February I recommitted energy to the fashion world by becoming a fashion consultant and a CAbi rep. For many years I designed, created, and sold a line of gemstone jewelry, and after ten years away from design I realized how much I miss working with women and helping them to create their own style sense.

So it is with great excitement that I revive Cookwithaview with new purpose to explore all things beautiful – food, fashion, art, and design. For me you see it is all one in the same.

Food is at the heart of it all – it’s fuel, medicine, community, culture, nature, inspiration and above all it’s beautiful. Much of this site is devoted to healthy, whole food, but I will also bring you interesting segments on other areas of art, culture, fashion, design – anything that I believe contributes to our overall health and wellness.

The three things I hope to achieve with this site are to encourage you to: 1) become inquisitive and adventurous – with food, fashion, art and design, 2) make conscious choices that are right for you by taking the time to listen to your body and your mind, and 3) share your passion – what ever that passion is, share it with others. Sharing it will bring the best peace and feeling of wellness I know.

One final note, this site is a place for me to learn from you. I want to know what’s important to you in the areas of food, fashion, art, design, health, and wellness. Please drop me a note and tell me what you think. Happy reading.

About Catherine

Catherine Kenyon is an Chicago-based educator, visual artist, fashion consultant, blogger, and cook. She works in the mediums of clay, photography, and jewelry. Catherine loves to garden, listen to live music, hike and travel. All the photographs on this site are taken by Catherine unless otherwise noted.

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11 responses to “about

  1. Catherine ……. Your website is beautiful. I’m bookmarking it.

    Thanks …………….. Ray Britton

  2. Catherine, this site is AWESOME!! I can’t wait for more interesting food facts, photos, and recipes! We definitely need to try kombu in our beans since we eat A LOT of beans (frijoles). :o)

  3. Catherine….your website is just fabulous ! What a neat way to share your passion…..will keep checking in for great information and ideas ! 🙂

  4. Cat –
    Thanks for the pomegranate lesson on U-tube. I never realized you are hand-model material! Wink wink.
    Seriously… great stuff on your website. I’ve got it marked and will share it with others.

  5. Catherine, I love eating your yummy nutritious food. What’s for dinner?

  6. Hi, Catherine,
    I have really enjoyed exploring your website and blog. Your photos are gorgeous!
    We have only met once, but you may remember the occasion…..when you and Patrick and Roy and I climbed up into and under the capitol dome in Austin with my brother Craig. Gosh, it was probably at least 5 years ago!
    Roy keeps me sort of up to date with you all through Partrick. We hope to get down to Austin again, but somehow we are always short of time and stay up in Wichita Falls during our visits. Actually, we’re traveling there in 2 days for a long weekend. Seeing my 90 yr. old Dad frequently has become a priority.
    I will continue to check your wonderful site….love to you and Patrick
    Emily Estes

    • Emily,
      I will never forget our climb to the Capitol Dome! That was a real treat. I hope the visit with your father was nice. It’s springtime in Austin so if you and Roy can get away on your next trip, you have a place to stay and enjoy the bluebonnets. They are just starting to bloom in our yard.

      I’m thrilled you’re following the blog. It’s a lot of fun and a great learning experiencing all around.
      My best,

  7. Hi Catherine,

    I’m a friend of your mom’s (from when I lived in Memphis) and she shared your website. It really struck a chord with me since I too am interested in exploring my health and well-being and get confused navigating through the plethora of information out there. Now that I’m in my 40s, I’ve noticed how much more difficult it is to stay in shape and make healthy food choices but the Whole Foods in Atlanta is my new hangout. 🙂 I definitely want to try some of your yummy recipes.

    Jayna Bell

    • Jayna,
      Thank you so much for you feedback. I love that you get why I am writing this blog. Once I hit 40 things really started feeling different in my body ~ I used to have a huge sweet tooth (actually I still do) but after 40 I couldn’t tolerate sugar the way I once did. When I ate sugar, not only would my energy spike and I would feel mood swings, but I started feeling like I could not stay awake one more minute. Other foods too started reacting differently when I ate them, and I began to just want to feel better. I started, like you, because I noticed the changes and that’s the biggest part of making healthy choices! Good for you for noticing.

      Whole Foods is a great place to unleash your curiosity and try new things. Let me know what you learn I’d love to hear from you again.
      My best,

  8. Hi, Cat, Emily here. Roy and I just got back from a fantastic 2 weeks in Turkey. Along with the natural beauty and amazing ancient ruins, we enjoyed some great food. I ate eggplant dishes and lentil soup almost every day that were delicious. Have you tried Turkish food? ‘Tho I do not eat gluten, the breads were gorgeous (and delicious according to Roy). Sightseeing, we walked over 10 miles each day and still came home heavier that we left! Hope you and Patrick are having a good spring.
    Peace, Emily

  9. Hi Emily,
    Your trip sounds fabulous. Turkey is on my bucket list. I can’t say that I’ve specifically eaten Turkish food, but I would love to. By any chance do you have the names of some of the dishes you tried? Sping is starting to slip into summer already. It was in the 90’s again today. But we were able to get a garden in before it got too hot. Hope you all get to texas soon. Things are good for both of us, and we send out best to you and Roy .

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